Dodecaphonics live Winter 2015  Published on Feb 20, 2015

Winter Whingding 15W, Dartmouth Dodecaphonics | I'm Not the Only One Orig. Sam Smith | Arr. Daniel Calano '15 | Soloist Daniel Calano '15


 DCSEC Annual Trip to the Sea Party

On Saturday, May 23rd, the DCSEC entertained the Ledyard Canoe Club at the home of Bill and Susan Webster at the end of their one week paddle down the Connecticut River from Hanover We had another fantastic time.

We had three Dartmouth students on the journey from Hanover to South Hadley. Five more students arrived from Hanover to join the trip in South Hadley on its final stage to the Atlantic Ocean. This is an enduring tradition that celebrates both the arrival of summer (usually) and the pioneering spirit of Dartmouth students and alumni.  For more information on the annual trip to the sea, click here.